Stereo Microscopes

Stereo microscopes NSW series

  • Economical model
  • Dual magnification or Single magnification
  • NSW-PG


    Binocular type, Built-in LED ring light with intensity control
  • NSW-P


    Binocular type, without illuminator

Stereo zoom microscopes SPZ-50 series

  • Carton Flagship model
  • 6.7x to 50x magnifications with the highest zoom ratio 7.5:1
  • 108mm long working distance and 17mm high eye point

Stereo zoom microscopes DSZ-44 series

  • 10x to 44x magnifications (zoom ratio 4.4:1)
  • 90mm working distance

Stereo zoom microscopes DSZ-70 series

  • 20x to 70x magnifications (zoom ratio 3.5:1)
  • 80mm working distance

Stereo zoom microscopes SPZH-135 series

  • Unique model featuring the extremely high magnification of 21x to 135x (zoom ratio 6.4:1)