About us


In 1930 We, CARTON OPTICAL INDUSTRIES, LTD., were founded as a wholesaler of spectacle frames in Tokyo, Japan, and then, in 1951 we began importing and exporting various kinds of optical goods as a trading company. In 1964 our own factory was established at the estate of about 14,000 square meters in Saitama so as to manufacture optical goods such as microscopes, binoculars, telescopes, magnifiers and ophthalmic instruments under a registered Carton brand. In 1988 our 100% capitalized factory, Carton Optical (Siam) Co., Ltd. was established in Pathumthani, Thailand to manufacture microscopes, etc., having some 160 employees. Our factory, Carton Optical (Siam) Co., Ltd. was approved to be accordance with ISO 9002 in December 1999, ISO 9001 in March 2001 and ISO 14001 in October 2004 to secure strict control of quality.

Our products have been supplied under not only Carton brand but also OEM through dealers for long years, and we have enjoyed good reputations from customers and users as a reliable manufacturer, supplier and business partner of optical goods. Among others, our microscopes are well-known in educational market such as schools, colleges, universities and laboratories owing to its quality optics, by which we contribute to progress of education and science. In addition, we are receiving a great demand for microscopes from industrial market as well. Our microscopes are utilized for inspection and assembly in manufacturing facilities of electrical appliances and electronic devices such as mobile telephones and personal computers, etc. Even for a long use, our fine optics effect minimization of operators' eye fatigue.

Our motto is Development and Supply of Quality Products to serve customers with satisfaction. Carton Optical Industries, Ltd. will continue striving to be your best supplier.